The change starts with oneself

All of us who make up ETTHICO are deeply committed to a series of values and ethical principles with which we feel fully identified and without which we cannot conceive of the exercise of our professional activity. Our commitment to ethics is reflected in a decalogue of principles that we have assumed and that we promise to comply with, respect and promote among all our workers, clients and other stakeholders. Because we firmly believe in the great benefits of an ethical culture within our organization and in our professional and business performance


Compliance with the law

At ETTHICO we are committed to strict compliance with the Law, as well as the judicial and administrative resolutions that may be applicable to us. Our commitment to compliance also extends to our internal standards that we have voluntarily committed to comply with.


Integrity, honesty and transparency

Our relationships with third parties are developed within the strictest parameters of integrity, loyalty and transparency. Therefore, both when advising our clients and when making decisions, we adhere to rational and objective criteria, avoiding any conduct that may constitute a conflict of interest. Likewise, we have assumed a zero tolerance commitment to corruption, bribery and fraud and we have articulated the necessary measures and controls to combat them.


Respect and protection of the rights of our workers

At ETTHICO we promote and guarantee the maximum respect for the rights of our workers and the freedoms that are inherent to them. The right to fair remuneration, freedom of association, the right to privacy and due protection against occupational risks are just some of the manifestations of these rights that we respect and are committed to defending with all the means at our disposal.



All of us who make up ETTHICO are fully aware of the relevance of the information we process when advising our clients, so we all assume a commitment to confidentiality and a duty of secrecy regarding all documents, information and data to which we we have access. This commitment will accompany us even if we stop providing our services in this organization.



At ETTHICO we are firmly convinced of the numerous benefits of diverse teams, that is why we advocate for diversity of gender, culture, experience, skills or any other kind. These differences, far from separating us, help to create a more innovative, creative, flexible team with new and broader perspectives. And that translates into a better performance of our professionals and of the organization as a whole, having a very positive impact on the result of our work and on the relationship with our clients.


Respect and equal treatment of opportunities

At ETTHICO we accept and value people as they are, with their peculiarities and differences, while promoting the creation of a respectful and tolerant work environment. In our organization we will never allow intimidation, abuse, harassment, disrespect or any physical or verbal aggression. Likewise, we promote equal opportunities in the workplace without any discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or any other circumstance that may be a source of discrimination.


Personal and family conciliation

At ETTHICO we pay special attention to the personal sphere of our workers and we are aware of the importance of having the necessary free time to devote to their hobbies, their families or any other activity beyond work. For this reason, we advocate for flexible hours and forms of remote work that allow our workers to enjoy a full reconciliation between their work and personal / family life.


Excellence and quality in service

At ETTHICO we offer a unique and personalized treatment to each of our clients through a multidisciplinary team made up of highly qualified people trained in the matters of the firm. In addition, our professionals have been selected for having social, communication and empathic skills that favor the creation of a climate of trust and closeness with clients that results in a substantial improvement in the quality of the service offered and in our relationships with third parties.


Respect for the enviroment

As an essential and primary asset of our activity, at ETTHICO we are committed to the environment and promote sustainable development. To this end, we recycle our waste such as paper, toner, batteries or computer equipment in clean points designated for this purpose. In addition, we try to make the fewest number of document prints and work with them digitally, we use energy-efficient lights and we minimize water consumption in order to reduce harmful effects on the environment.


Fair Play

At ETTHICO we respect our competitors by employing honest and loyal business practices. We support a free market based on fair competition that protects the proper functioning of the markets.


The courage to do things right