Our professionals have been selected based on their training, experience and legal and technical knowledge, but also on their personal, empathic and communication skills. At ETTHICO we consider these soft skillsof utmost importance for the creation of a climate of trust and professionalism on the part of those who receive and manage complaints.

Alba Lema Dapena

Graduated in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela, later she obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) at the Complutense University of Madrid. International Master in Legal Compliance Officer / Controller and Human Resources Management from the London Metropolitan University. He has several professional certifications in terms of regulatory compliance: Internationally Certified Compliance professional by IFCA (International Federation of Compliance Associations), Senior Compliance Officer by the World Compliance Association (WCA) and the CESCOM certification of the Spanish Compliance Association. Legal expert in compliance.

Specialized in the implementation of compliance management systems in organizations, integrity programs and business ethics, Alba combines professional practice with teaching at various universities and business schools in Spain and abroad. Director of the specialized program on business risk management and corporate compliance at IESIDE, visiting professor at London Sounth Bank University (United Kingdom) and at the Emerging Market Institute of Beijing Normal University (China).

President of the Independence, Impartiality and Integrity Committee of the WCA (World Compliance Association), member of the Equality Committee of this association and member of its international board of directors. Speaker and lecturer at national and international conferences on compliance, integrity, ethics and good corporate practices.

Sandra Soler Vidal

Graduated in law from the University of Barcelona, graduated in tax advice and management from ESADE and in business management and administration from Eucenet Business School. Graduated from the Spanish Association of Mediation (ASEMED) as a technical specialist in criminal liability of the legal person and as a mediator in civil, commercial and penitentiary matters. Judicial arbitrator, chief auditor of compliance management systems under the ISO 19600 standard and judicial expert in compliance.

Sandra has the professional certification of Compliance Officer from ASCOM (Spanish Compliance Association) and is an external advisor on money laundering registered with the SEPBLAC (Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offenses).

He has more than twenty years of experience in the world of law in various firms and in recent years he has dedicated himself exclusively to the implementation of compliance, ethics and integrity programs in organizations. Likewise, as a specialist in equality matters, he is responsible for drawing up equality plans and harassment and abuse protocols in companies.

Sandra is president of the WCA Certification Committee, a member of the compliance and SME working committee and compliance in the third sector, as well as a member of its international board of directors.

Pilar Paz García

Lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in the practice of the profession in the areas of civil, commercial, banking, financial, procedural law, new technologies, data protection, regulatory compliance and consumption. His law degree was completed with the School of Legal Practice of the La Coruña Bar Association and with various master’s degrees, including a master’s degree in mediation, bankruptcy law, internet law and new technologies, and social responsibility and innovation.

Pilar is DPO (Data Protection Officer) certified according to the scheme of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) and has the professional certification of Compliance Officer issued by the World Compliance Association.

Pilar combines her work as a lawyer and legal advisor with training activities in the subjects of her professional practice at universities, business schools and professional associations, among other organizations.

Carlos Arce Fernández

Graduated in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Carlos is a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in professional practice and in legal advice to companies and individuals. Specialist in consumer and user law, banking and civil law, traffic accidents and the right to honor.

As a specialist in transparency in recruitment, he has been a speaker and congressman in various courses on this matter, among others, at the illustrious Barcelona Bar Association.

Carlos completed various specializations in anti-corruption, ethics, compliance and good practices.

Ofelia Lema Villar

Ofelia has a degree in Criminological and Public Safety Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela, a specialist in corporate criminology and a university expert in calligraphic expertise from the USC Institute of Criminology. His training is completed with a master’s degree in social intervention in disadvantaged areas and with various specializations in profiling (technician in criminological profiling), negotiation and conflict resolution, judicial expert in criminal law, criminology and criminology, Judicial expert in valuation of personal injury and investigation of traffic accidents, mediation, among others.

Her degree of specialization in these areas has made her a regular contributor to various media such as Faro de Vigo, La Voz De Galicia, Radio Voz, Cadena Ser, “V” Televisión, Irmandade TV, Nós TV, Centro Superior de Estudios de National Defense (CESEDEN) Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies – Ministry of Defense (EMAD).

All of our professionals have been selected through a rigorous selection process in compliance with the highest standards of integrity and honesty and have received -before their incorporation- courses on ethics, integrity and good corporate practices.